The Best Eufy Smart Garage Control Review

The eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 is a versatile gadget that promises to enhance your garage’s security and functionality. With features like AI Human Detection, real-time notifications, and a 2K camera, it aims to offer peace of mind without any monthly fees.

In this review, we’ll delve into the product’s performance, ease of installation, and reliability based on user experiences. Whether you’re already in the eufy ecosystem or considering this smart garage control as your first step, read on to find out if it’s the right fit for you.

Many users have praised the eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 for its easy installation and reliable performance. One user mentioned that the magnetic back made it simple to attach to the chain rail, and the 2K camera provided excellent clarity. They also appreciated the reliable connection, especially after adding a Wi-Fi range extender in the garage.

However, not all experiences have been positive. Some users reported issues with Wi-Fi disconnection and delays in the system detecting the garage door’s status. One user even had to disable camera alerts due to overly aggressive motion detection. Despite these issues, the majority of users still found the product useful and would recommend it, especially if you already have other eufy devices.

Installation and Setup

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The installation of the eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 is straightforward and user-friendly. The device comes with a magnetic back, allowing for easy placement on the chain rail. Users have reported a reliable connection after several months of use, attributing it to the inclusion of a Wi-Fi range extender in the garage. The initial setup might involve a few restarts due to internet connection drops, but overall, the process is simple and quick.

Integration with Eufy Ecosystem

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If you are already invested in the Eufy ecosystem, the Smart Garage Control Cam E110 integrates seamlessly. Users who have multiple Eufy products at home find that this device works flawlessly with minimal issues. This integration can be particularly beneficial as it allows for a cohesive smart home experience, leveraging existing Eufy security systems to enhance garage security.

Video Quality

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The camera offers a 2K video resolution, providing clear and detailed footage of the garage. Users have praised the excellent clarity of the live feed, which can be accessed through their smartphones. The wide-angle lens is capable of covering a large area, making it suitable for various garage sizes. However, some users wish the camera had a 360-degree tilt option for even better coverage.

Real-Time Notifications

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One of the standout features of the eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 is its ability to send real-time notifications. Users receive alerts about the open/close status of their garage door, providing peace of mind and enhanced security. However, there have been some reports of delayed notifications, which can result in receiving both open and closed alerts simultaneously.

Compatibility with Garage Door Openers

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The device is compatible with most garage door openers, making it a versatile choice for many homeowners. The installation process is straightforward, and users can follow the provided directions and videos to sync everything via the app. This compatibility ensures that the device can be integrated into various setups without significant issues.

Independence from Eufy Home Base

A notable advantage of the eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 is that it does not require the Eufy Home Base to operate. This independence means that users can set up and use the device without needing to invest in additional Eufy hardware. It works independently of the Eufy gateway, simplifying the setup process for those new to the Eufy ecosystem.

Limitations in Third-Party Integration

Despite its many strengths, the eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 has limitations in third-party home automation integration. It does not currently work with Apple or Google Home apps, even though the packaging might suggest otherwise. This lack of integration can be a drawback for users looking to incorporate the device into a broader smart home setup.

Performance Issues

Some users have reported performance issues with the device, including unreliable connections and slow response times. These issues can affect the overall user experience, making it challenging to rely on the device for consistent performance. Despite these reports, other users have found the device to be reliable with minimal disconnection problems.

International Availability

The eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 is not available for use in certain regions, such as Canada. Users in these areas have reported compatibility issues with the Eufy app, leading to the need for alternative solutions. This limitation in international availability can be a significant drawback for potential buyers outside the supported regions.

User Recommendations

Overall, user feedback on the eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 is mixed. While many users highly recommend the product for its ease of installation, excellent video quality, and seamless integration with the Eufy ecosystem, others have experienced significant performance issues. Potential buyers should consider these varied experiences and conduct thorough research before making a purchase.


  • Easy installation with reliable connection.
  • Works well within the Eufy security ecosystem.
  • 2K video quality with real-time notifications.


  • Does not integrate with third-party home automation apps.
  • Delay in detecting garage door status changes.
  • Not supported in Canada.

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Overall, the eufy Security Smart Garage Control Cam E110 offers a good balance of features and reliability, making it a solid choice for those looking to upgrade their garage security. Its integration with the eufy ecosystem can be a significant advantage for existing users.

While there are some downsides, such as occasional connectivity issues and delayed notifications, these seem to be relatively minor for most users. If you’re in the market for a smart garage control system, the eufy Cam E110 is definitely worth considering.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Can this device be integrated with Apple or Google Home?

Answer: No, it does not currently integrate with either Apple or Google Home apps.

Question: Is a subscription required to use this device?

Answer: No, there are no monthly fees required to use this device.

Question: Does this device work in Canada?

Answer: No, the Eufy app does not support this device in Canada.

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